Why Silk Bedding Though silk bedding is the most expensive luxury bedding sets, most users like buying it. Silk is very smooth and feels great on skin. Silk, a naturally hypoallergenic fabric, can resists dust, fungus, mold and many other allergens. Silk regulates body temperature. It can keep you feel warm in cold winter while
A sexy bedroom can help you relax, help in pregnancy, and help in co-ordination between husband and wife. Check out the 5 tips on creating a sexy bedroom. 1. Remove Clutter Creating a relaxing zone where you and your partner can communicate requires removing anything that causes interruptions. To make your bedroom look spacious, comfortable
Silkworm can produce up to several thousand feet find threads. Twist the silken thread and connect them with additional pieces of thread collected from silkworm cocoons to create silk fibers. Combine 48 twisted fibers to create raw silk which can be weaved into a thick fabric. Raw silk is wildly used for clothing, draperies and
Candlelight may be key to creating the perfect atmosphere for a romantic night, but it may drip onto your sheets. How to remove candle wax from bed sheets? (Do not remove wax stains from silk sheets by yourself. You will need to take silk sheets to a dry cleaner). Step 1. Remove Excess Wax Remove
As long as you use the right detergents to remove your ink stains on time, you can completely remove it from your cotton, leather, nylon or silk. Check out this guide to find how to successfully remove ink stains from silk. 1. Soak up the Ink Stains Place your stained article of clothing on a
Our faces are all exposed to pillowcase. It is necessary to select a soft & healthy pillowcase. 1. Silk Silk is a natural protein secreted by the larvae of several different moths. Silk can prevent creases and wrinkles in the face, for this smooth fabric is easy on your silk when you move while sleeping.

How to Remove Wax From Silk

Wax, from crayons, hair removal products or candles, can easily leave stains on your cloth. Wax is difficult to remove from any cloth, especially for silk – an especially delicate fabric. You should gently clean silk with dish detergent and household lubricants. Use a spoon or a butter knife or another blunt utensil to remove
Couples give each other silk items to celebrate their 12 years of marriage. If you don’t know what to send, you can check out this list. 1. Fun silk wedding anniversary gifts If you want to send some fun gifts to your wife, you can consider silk fan &  silk kimono robe. 2. Romantic silk

Silk Road Facts

The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes that extended from Eastern Europe to China. The 4000-mile trade route dates back to the 2nd century B. In 1870, Ferdinand van Richthofen, a German geographer, named it “Silk Road” because silk was the most popular goods. The Silk Road often changed depending on the
Silk is sensitive to cleaning and many kinds of laundry detergents. When you remove makeup from silk, you are more careful. The rich colors of silk can often bleed and silk is delicate, so be sure to test before removing. Dip a cotton swab in cleaning agent and water, and then dab a small, inconspicuous

How to Wash Satin Sheets

How to wash satin sheets? Machine washing? Hand washing? Or dry cleaning? Step 1. Determine the Type of Satin Before washing, you need to check the manufacturer tag on the hem or bottom side of the sheet to know what kind of satin sheets you have. Satin sheets made of polyester or nylon can be
Mulberry Silk Inserts
Both clothes and bed sheets made of mulberry silk are beautiful and expensive. Sleeping on silk bed sheets will bring a lot of health benefits for people.  Mulberry silk, a natural protein spun, is good for your skin, hair, and sleeping habits. Silk is hypoallergenic, and won’t irritate sensitive skin. Sleeping on silk bed sheets