How to Wash Silk

Contents How to Wash and Care for 100% Pure Silk ClothesHow to Wash and Care for Silk GarmentsHow to Wash and Care for Silks: Silk Care InstructionsHow To Wash and Clean Silk PillowcasesHow to Wash and Dry SilkHow to Wash & Dry 100% Pure Silk SleepwearHow to Wash Silk GarmentsHow to Wash Silk in the

How To Unwrinkle Silk

Contents How To Unwrinkle Silk With IronRemove Wrinkles from Silk with DryerHow To Iron Wrinkles Out of Silk Curtains or Silk BlouseHow To Get Wrinkles Out Of Silk SheetsHow to Get Wrinkles Out of a Silk BlouseHow To Remove Wrinkles From Silk Fan & Silk Veil How To Unwrinkle Silk With Iron How to unwrinkle

Silk vs. Satin

Contents Silk Sheets vs. Satin SheetsSilk Nightgowns vs. Satin NightgownsSilk Pillowcase vs. Satin Pillowcase Silk Sheets vs. Satin Sheets Silk and satin are both luxurious fabrics that can come in a variety of beautiful colors and make bed sheets. They will transform any bedroom into a sumptuous retreat. With silk and satin, you can feel

How to Get Stains Out of Silk

Contents How to Get Stains Out of Silk FabricHow to Get Stains Out of Silk GarmentsHow to Get Rid of Perspiration Stains from SilkHow to Get Rid of Stains on PillowcasesHow to Remove a Milk Stain from Silk NightwearHow to Remove Alcohol Stains from SilkHow to Remove Balsamic Vinegar Stains from Silk NightwearHow To Remove
Contents Why Silk BeddingTypes of SilkMomme WeightSilk Is A Temperature RegulatorHow to Choose Silk Duvet/ ComforterHow to Choose the Right ColorsSilk Bedding for Guest BedroomSilk Bedding Care Instructions Why Silk Bedding Though silk bedding is the most expensive luxury bedding sets, most users like buying it. Silk is very smooth and feels great on skin.
A sexy bedroom can help you relax, help in pregnancy, and help in co-ordination between husband and wife. Check out the 5 tips on creating a sexy bedroom. Contents Remove ClutterBed and Bedding DetailTransform the look of the roomElectronic DetailAdd Additional Detail to Your Room Remove Clutter Creating a relaxing zone where you and your
Silkworm can produce up to several thousand feet find threads. Twist the silken thread and connect them with additional pieces of thread collected from silkworm cocoons to create silk fibers. Combine 48 twisted fibers to create raw silk which can be weaved into a thick fabric. Raw silk is wildly used for clothing, draperies and
Candlelight may be key to creating the perfect atmosphere for a romantic night, but it may drip onto your sheets. How to remove candle wax from bed sheets? (Do not remove wax stains from silk sheets by yourself. You will need to take silk sheets to a dry cleaner). Contents Remove Excess WaxMelt the Rest
As long as you use the right detergents to remove your ink stains on time, you can completely remove it from your cotton, leather, nylon or silk. Check out this guide to find how to successfully remove ink stains from silk. Contents Soak up the Ink StainsApply CleanerUse a Modicum of Hair SprayClean with a
Our faces are all exposed to pillowcase. It is necessary to select a soft & healthy pillowcase. Contents SilkLinenPolyesterVelvetWinceyetteSatinCottonFlannelNylon Silk Silk is a natural protein secreted by the larvae of several different moths. Silk can prevent creases and wrinkles in the face, for this smooth fabric is easy on your silk when you move while
Couples give each other silk items to celebrate their 12 years of marriage. If you don’t know what to send, you can check out this list. Contents Fun silk wedding anniversary giftsRomantic silk wedding anniversary giftsPractical silk wedding anniversary gifts Fun silk wedding anniversary gifts If you want to send some fun gifts to your

Silk Road Facts

The Silk Road was an ancient network of trade routes that extended from Eastern Europe to China. The 4000-mile trade route dates back to the 2nd century B. In 1870, Ferdinand van Richthofen, a German geographer, named it “Silk Road” because silk was the most popular goods. The Silk Road often changed depending on the
Silk is sensitive to cleaning and many kinds of laundry detergents. When you remove makeup from silk, you are more careful. The rich colors of silk can often bleed and silk is delicate, so be sure to test before removing. Dip a cotton swab in cleaning agent and water, and then dab a small, inconspicuous

How to Wash Satin Sheets

How to wash satin sheets? Machine washing? Hand washing? Or dry cleaning? Contents Step 1. Determine the Type of SatinStep 2. Wash Satin SheetsStep 3. Dry Satin Sheets Step 1. Determine the Type of Satin Before washing, you need to check the manufacturer tag on the hem or bottom side of the sheet to know
Mulberry Silk Inserts
Both clothes and bed sheets made of mulberry silk are beautiful and expensive. Sleeping on silk bed sheets will bring a lot of health benefits for people.  Mulberry silk, a natural protein spun, is good for your skin, hair, and sleeping habits. Silk is hypoallergenic, and won’t irritate sensitive skin. Sleeping on silk bed sheets

3 Grades of Mulberry Silk

Silk is generally divided into three grades: A, B and C. Different grades means different quality of silk. Our silk comforter is filled with Grade A silk fibers. Contents Grade A SilkGrade B SilkGrade C Silk Grade A Silk Grade A silk, top grade silk, has long strands, contains almost no impurities and has a
Sleeping in mulberry silk sheets is like sleeping on cloud. However, how to clean these wonderful, luxurious silk sheets at home? Never put your silk sheets in the dryer. Always check the tags on the sheets. It is recommended to send your silk sheets to the professional dry cleaning. However, if you want to wash
You spend 1/3 of your life in bed. Your sheets will be enjoyed for years if you avoid these 7 common misconceptions. Contents Not removing makeup before going to bedDon’t change them often enoughStuff too many sets into the washer and dryerWash sheets on the heavy-duty cycleDry them too long and too hotDon’t know how
Want to enjoy your mulberry silk pillowcases for years? You have to follow the below tutorial when washing silk pillowcases. Contents Only Use Cold WaterOnly Use a pH Neutral DetergentNever Use Fabric SoftenerNever Use BleachDo Not Dry CleanDo Not Use DryerNever Use Dryer SheetsOnly Light IronUse Fine Mesh Wash BagsUse Fine Fabric Wash Only Use

Feather Pillow vs. Cotton Pillow

We spent a lot of time in sleeping. Choose a high-quality pillow to get a more comfortable sleep. Which do you want, feather pillow or cotton pillow? Feather Pillows Cotton Pillows Basics Feather pillows are made with goose feathers that are flat and have quills running through their centers. Feather pillows provide a firmer support.
Down duvets are lofty and warm. To keep them from dirt, spills and the oils in our skin, you can use pillowcase and duvet covers. Then, wash them once every season. Contents Spot-treatingMachine washingDryingStoring Spot-treating It is recommended to test the treatment in an inconspicuous area to make sure it doesn’t leave a ring. Pull

Down Comforter Buying Guide

Down comforter is cozy, luxurious and soft. Down comforter is snugly but not too hefty. Down comforter is warm but not too hot. Down comforter is light and lofty yet very breathable. Down is light and fluffy. Down is the fluffy coating clustered beneath the feathers – usually on the belly of geese and ducks.

What’s A Feather Bed

Investing in a feather bed mattress topper makes you enjoy a better night sleep. High-quality feathers are used to make feather bed which can provide an extra layer of support for your body’s pressure points including shoulders, hips, and back, allowing your body to relax throughout the night. You can place feather bed on your
You cannot get a restful sleep at night because you sleep on a regular mattress. Try feather mattress with an extra layer made out of soft and fluffy feathers, you feel like you’re sleeping on the clouds. Contents SupportAllergy-freeVarietyLuxury Support You will feel pain if you sleep on a bare mattress. Thus, if you want

How to Care for a Feather Bed

Since the 14th century, people have been using feather beds which were firmly packed and weighed 50 – 90 lbs. They were passed down through families. In order to keep the feathers distributed, people fluffed the feather bed every day. Now, it is very easy to care for a feather bed. Contents Shake feather bed

Different Materials for Blanket

Blankets come in different sizes, shapes, colors and are made from a variety of materials. Contents Blanket FabricsVersatilityBlanket Sizes Blanket Fabrics Silk PandaSilk offers pure mulberry silk blankets of various colors, with a silk charmeuse border and mitered corners. Silk blankets are used on bed or sofa for cold, chilly days. Down Down blanket is

How To Wash Down & Feather Pillows

Both down and feather pillows provide the support and softness that we love. Besides, it is very easy to wash down and feather pillows. You can wash them in any size washing machine. Avoid washing synthetic pillows because they come out lumpy. Many people throw the synthetic pillow in the garbage before buying a new

Down Blanket Care Instructions

Down blankets are long-lasting, easy to clean and offer years of comfort. In summer, they can offer a lightweight comforter a boost. How to clean a down blanket? Contents Dry CleaningHome LaundryTips for Washing a Down BlanketTips for Drying a Down BlanketWashing FrequencyStoring Down Blanket Dry Cleaning Dry cleaning your down blankets is easy and

When to Replace a Down Comforter

Down comforters offer the ultimate in comfort. But, if your down comforter has been used for 10-15 years, it won’t offer this comfort. Now, it’s time to change your down comforter. Try doing some test if you don’t know whether you should replace your down comforter. Remove down comforter from the duvet cover. Hold the

Difference Between Down and Feather

Do you know the difference between down and feather? The most obvious difference between the two groups is that feather has a noticeable quill. Contents Where down comes from?How to process down?Tips Where down comes from? Firstly, you need to know where both down and feather come from if you want to fully understand the