What’s A Down Blanket

Down comforter is very popular in bedding. Sometimes, however, people might choose down blankets because they think down comforters are too warm. Down blanket is, in essence, a thinner version of a down comforter. Down is a natural fiber. Both down comforters and blankets have excellent insulation. The alternative of a synthetic blanket will be

Thread Count Doesn’t Always Matter

When buying sheets, we always choose one with high thread count. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the sheets. However, a higher thread count doesn’t mean you’re buying a better quality sheet. “If you got sheet beyond 400 threads per square inch, you could doubt its quality,” Julian Tomchin told The
Egyptian cotton sheets not only are softer, longer lasting but also don’t pill easily. More and more people like purchasing Egyptian cotton sheets, but most of them are more likely to buy low-end sheets and duvet covers with high-end prices. Contents Thread CountMisleading Labels Thread Count A New York woman bought sheets labeled with “800

How To Shop for High Quality Bed Sheets

What does thread count really mean? How does thread count affect the quality of sheets? It seems simple—the higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the sheets, right? Contents What Is Thread CountMisleading LabelsWhat Makes Sheets High Quality What Is Thread Count Thread count on the sheets you are looking at is the
Should we choose sheets with 1000 thread count? Generally, manufacturers always inflate thread count, and it is very usual to see misleading labels in the marketplace. When choosing sheets and duvet covers, what should we consider? Contents What Is Thread Count?Big Retailers Do ItWhy Manufactures Inflate Thread Counts?Picks and Misleading LabelsPly and Labels Lies What

Night Owls vs. Morning Larks

Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy and wise. If you are a lark or morning person, you may not understand the lure of the late night. Since you choose a sleep period of 9 p.m. to 5 a.m., you are not stumbling out of bed and throwing on some clothes

How To Shop for the Softest Bed Sheets

You will feel very comfortable if you use sheets and duvet covers with high thread count. However, do you know what actually determines the comfort level of your sheets and duvet covers? Contents The Right WeaveEgyptian CottonThread CountCheck the Label The Right Weave The weave that is used in your sheets is a big factor
Don’t you get enough sleep? Do you sleep too much? Dr. Daniel Buysse, a past president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, thinks you can’t judge if sleep loss is impairing you. While comparing sleep deprivation with intoxication, he finds most people routinely misjudge how impaired they are with insufficient sleep. If your sleep

The Importance of Organic Bedding

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people began to pursue a healthy life. They tend to get sleepier earlier in the evening and awaken earlier in the morning. However, many people don’t know that some potential dangers lie within their sheets. Now, many people choose organic sheets because of its amazing health

Benefits Of Sleeping With Your Dog

Do you like sleeping with your pet? Maybe, your family don’t approve and they think it isn’t healthy to sleep with a pet. The Mayo Clinic made a study and found that sleeping with pet can make yourself and your pet have a good night sleep. We expect more studies to follow because only 150

Organic Cotton Vs. Non-Organic Cotton

Do you want to know the difference between organic cotton and nonorganic cotton? Contents From the Ground UpThe Bare FactsBenefits of Organic Cotton From the Ground Up Planting cotton sheets used with organic cotton are not treated with any kind of chemicals. The seeds genetically modified organisms are planting cotton seeds. There is more organic

5 Ways To Become A Morning Person

Are you a morning person or a night owl? How to be a morning person, and have more time for yourself? Contents Sleep Inertia. Light up your morning. Bribes work. Exercise in the morning. Enjoy the morning. Sleep Inertia. Sleep inertia, a physiological state, is not good in the morning although it is good in

Brief Introduction of Egyptian Cotton

There was a time when Egyptian cotton was considered to be one of the finest overall cottons for Bed Linens in the world. In the past few years, great changes have taken place. Egyptian cotton production, cotton quality and availability have greatly diminished. However, there are various grades of Egyptian cotton, as with all things.
Do you have nightmares occasionally? Contents Being naked or partially clothed Tooth loss Being chased Falling Being injured Being naked or partially clothed If you dream of being naked or partially clothed, you might feel vulnerable or unprepared. Some modern dream analysts think it could represent a sense of inferiority because you will look transparent

3 Questions About Sex And Sleep

Sex and enough sleep make us energetic and regenerate body & brain. Contents Can sleep improve sex? Does sex improve sleep? Can you have sex while you’re asleep? Can sleep improve sex? Of course, sleep will improve your skin, your memory, your ability to concentrate, your immune system and your sex life. Poor sleep is

How To Spot Fake Egyptian Cotton

Have you ever heard of the cotton identify theft? Manufacturers and distributors mark some low-quality cotton as Egyptian cotton to own much higher profit. To get the truly Egyptian cotton sheet, you can check labels, feel the sheet, and ask some questions of the manufacturer. Contents Read the LabelFeel the Sheets and Duvet CoversAsk the
Egyptian cotton sheets are known for their good quality. Egyptian cotton sheets not only last long but are soft. They look better than regular sheets. Contents It’s All in the Plant Longer Fibers Long-Lasting Better Feel Vibrant Colors Absorbs Moisture It’s All in the Plant In the 1800s, the ruler introduced Egyptian cotton, made of

How To Fall Asleep Faster

Contents Stop Eating: 2.5 Hours Before BedStop Eating Worst Foods Like Sugar & Spicy Before SleepStop Drinking Coffee: 6.5 Hours Before BedThe Most Common Causes Of Sleep DeprivationCan A Full Moon Affect One’s Sleep?Can Bedding Material Affect One’s Sleep? (Cotton, Satin & Silk)Wearing Socks To Bed: Depends On The Person & TemperaturePre-bedtime Activities & Sleep
What depth of fitted sheet or mattress protector should you buy? Do you know what depth of fitted sheet to buy? Do you know what depth of mattress protector to buy? The best rule is the deeper the better. If the fitted sheets are not deep enough, they have not been fitting correctly and riding
Your children will host her first official sleepover. How to make a successful sleepover? Contents Have a strong say in who’s invited. Know the guests and their parents. Keep it small. Serve fun food. Plan a list of activities. End of a movie. Set a bedtime. Have a strong say in who’s invited. During the
How to sleep well when your roommate is making noise? Contents Get Earplugs Get a Little Herbal Use More (White) Noise to Absorb the Noise Stretch Your Way to Sleep Decorate Your Way to Silence Get Earplugs You can get earplugs because they can block or muffle a wide range of sounds, from high-pitched shrills

4 Sleep Hacks for Better Sleep

It seems like children and young adults might never have problems sleeping. And, inadequate sleep has a significant impact on attention, memory, and behavior. How to get a good night’s sleep? Contents Ditch the Alarm Clock Don’t Sleep-In on Weekends Disconnect from daytime lives Keep Naps in Check Ditch the Alarm Clock Many people have
We do sleep for around a third of our lives. Sleeping is the best way to recoup a tired body and repair body cells. If we don’t have a good sleep we may get ill. Too much or too little sleep can affect people’s physical and mental health. Lack of Sleep Will 1. Threaten your
Sleep deficits actually cut into our overall life expectancy. Contents Sleep Loss Affect Life ExpectancyCan Sleeping Too Much Impact Your Lifespan? Sleep Loss Affect Life Expectancy A study of more than 20,000 sets of twins for 22 years found people who sleep less than 7 hours a day had a 17 percent to 24 percent
What’s your sleep style? How to choose a suitable mattress for your sleep style? Contents Mattress for a Combination of StylesMattress for Stomach SleepersMattress for Side SleepersMattress for Back Sleepers Mattress for a Combination of Styles We are all woken up in a bizarre position although we know which position we tend to fall asleep.
You don’t sleep well at night. There are many reasons for poor sleep. How to solve the sleeping problems? Contents Too Much Noise Lack of Natural Sunlight Insomnia Interrupted Sleep Too Much Noise Noise will cause pressure, affect sleep. There is a lot of noise, including snoring, outside street sounds, and loud disturbances. Hush earplugs
We love summer because of beachy days, fruity drinks, epic sunsets. However, we always have trouble falling asleep in summer. How to get restful sleep in summer? Contents Keep a cool room. Block out the light. Invest in your bedding. Be consistent. Enjoy the silence. Keep a cool room. Temperature is an important factor. Keep
Want to change your bedroom? Which color would you like to choose? Contents YellowBlueGreen Yellow Yellow is happy and energizing. You will have a happy new day if you wake up in a yellow bedroom. Tune yellow down a notch because people anger easily or can feel more anxious in a yellow room. Limit the
Sleeping in two blocks of time or taking a nap might be better than that 8-hours of shuteye. Contents Be More Alert and More Creative.Fight Insomnia.Better for Your Body Clock. Be More Alert and More Creative. You can take a nap when your body is slowing down, and you will wake up to another period
A good sleep will refresh you. During sleep you can pass through 4 phases: 1, 2, 3, and REM (Rapid Eye Movement). These stages can pass regularly from stage 1 through to REM, and begin at stage 1 again. This complete cycle lasts roughly 90 to 110 minutes. Contents Stage OneStage TwoStage ThreeREM Stage One