5 Types Of Nappers

Compared with people who are never or rarely nap, regular nappers tend to be sticker and sadder. Want to know more information about naps? Here are 5 different kinds of napper. Contents Emotional Nappers Appetitive Nappers Dysregulative Nappers Mindful Nappers Restorative Nappers Emotional Nappers They are more likely to have sleep problems and psychological and
A cool temperature can help to have a good night’s sleep. Contents Melatonin Decrease Your Risk You Fall Asleep More Quickly The Way Our Body Works You Get a Better Night’s Rest Melatonin We need melatonin if we want to fall asleep. A cool temperature can let your body produce more melatonin, the anti-aging hormone,

The Science Behind Dreaming

During our sleep we often have dreams. Generally, although many people don’t always remember them, everyone has dreams when they are sleeping. Does dream solve problems? Scientists use lucid dreamers who are aware when they are in the middle of a dream and they can change the dream or control it to look at whether
How to clean up your bedroom for spring and summer? Contents Embrace the Season. Change Sheets and Blankets. The time that the sun rises has been moved up. Control the Temperature. There’s Something Living in your Bed. Embrace the Season. Celebrate the season by bringing a bit of summer into your bedroom. You can bring
Do you know how to choose the right sheets? How to choose a sheet which not only is attractive but also can offer the sleeping surface you want? Contents Weave Material Thread count Ply Price Weave The weave may be the number one factor in how your sheet feels. The most common is percale weave

What Is Sleep Paralysis

Are you afraid of the dark? Did you ever have nightmares about the intruder and the monster is coming? You cannot do anything, cannot even scream when the monster is out from the bed? In fact, this is sleep paralysis which happens to people all over the world. Facts About This Terrifying Phenomenon Sleep paralysis
Bamboo sheets, a new luxury fabric with incredible softness, are soft and are strong. These beautiful sheets will dress your bed and your bedroom luxuriously. Bamboo sheets have natural hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties. Choosing bamboo sheets can help to protect the environment. You will be happy when you wake up rested and refreshed. Contents Its
You still cannot fall asleep after taking a hot bath, drinking some warm milk and counting sheep? What should you do? Sleep experts recommend six strange tricks to help you fall asleep. Contents Rewind Hum Use your left nostril Pull the trigger Throw away worries Roll your eyes Rewind Reliving all the mundane happenings of
What should you do if you cannot fall asleep? What should you do if you have insomnia? Contents Accept Insomnia.Try Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.Herbal Supplements and Teas.Check Medications.Keep Track.See a Medical Professional. Accept Insomnia. Try to accept the fact you are awake and you have insomnia. Do not make any judgments or comparisons. Do not think
Do you know how to fall asleep while you are flying high? Contents Wear Comfortable Clothing. Book a Window Seat. You’ve Got Your Back. Get Headphones. It’s Cold Outside. Eat Light and Say No To The Cocktail. Wear Comfortable Clothing. You are getting on a plane, so the days of dressing up are gone. It
Want to have a romantic night? Now, it’s time to make your bed as a perfect place. Contents White sheetsGreat sheetsFoam pillowLatex mattressA PlatformForget the Scent White sheets If you want to set the mood, you can choose white. White sheets are inviting. White sheets are crisp and clean. Therefore, you always find white sheets
The season changing, the weather burning hot, obviously the fall rain muggy weather possibly affects the sleep. SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder), common in women in the northern latitudes, can be a disorder that needs medical treatment if you live in an area that has very short days. It reflects the different season, fall or winter, and
Didn’t you sleep well last night? Contents Social Stresses. The Surroundings. Work Stresses. Family and Life Stresses. Aches and Pains. Social Stresses. We have various social stresses. Will I get invited? What should I wear? Does she like me? Will he call? The Surroundings. Over 30% cannot fall asleep because of the environmental noises and
When it comes to a good night’s sleep, we should consider not only quantity but also quality. Fragmented sleep will severely affect your sleep, and it may be as harmful as lack of sleep. People who wake up several times during the night have a negative effect on their mood, lessened their attention span and
Now, people are busy with their daily work and life. Some people even sacrifice a good night’s sleep in order to get everything else done. However, we should not do this every day. The effects of inadequate sleep can profoundly affect memory, learning, creativity, productivity and emotional stability, as well as your physical health. Many
We sleep every day. Good sleep is an essential component of good health. Good sleep can keep you full of energy. However, some people don’t sleep well at night, and then you have sleep problems such as insomnia. When we are stressed or have too much work or homework due the next day, we might
If you want to wake up without aches and pains, you should choose a right pillow to keep your spine aligned. Contents Find your sleeping styleThe level of support you need Find your sleeping style Different people have different sleeping position. We can see your personality from your sleep posture. However, some people’s sleeping position
Some people have difficulties sleeping and suffer from acute insomnia. Insomnia seriously affects people’s physical and mental health. Sleeping pills are not always safe or effective. Don’t use sleeping pills. Try 7 natural remedies to beat sleep deprivation. Contents Take a break Enjoy a nice soak Eat a snack Herbal tea Take Valerian root Do
Some people like refresh themselves with a cup of coffee. However, when should we stop drinking coffee before bed? Contents What is Caffeine?Coffee Effects on SleepHow much caffeine is found in coffee?How much caffeine is found in different foods? What is Caffeine? Found mostly in coffee, tea, cacao, and kola nuts, Caffeine can be used

10 Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Some people are inclined to sleep naked in summer because it makes them feel cool and comfortable. There are many more advantages of sleeping naked. Contents Helps Your Skin Keeps Cortisol in Check Less Distractions Feel Free Improves Relationships Have More Sex Boosts Metabolism More Refreshed Mornings Men’s Fertility Save Money Helps Your Skin Even

10 Weird Insomnia Remedies

If counting sheep cannot help you, you can try other methods to beat insomnia. Contents Sleep restriction Go to a sleep concert Eat sugary foods Drink cherry juice ASMR Polyphasic sleep Acupuncture Paradoxical intention Put a small weight on your body Rub dormouse fat into your feet Sleep restriction Sleep restriction actually works and is
It is difficult to get kids to sleep. It is more difficult to get kids to sleep on Christmas eve. Contents Get Cozy Keep Sugar to a minimum Keep Kids to a Normal Routine Pre-bedtime Bath Warm Milk Have an Active Christmas Eve Keep Distracted A Little Tipple Present Opening Times Tell Them Santa Won’t
Getting enough sleep is so important for our general well-being. It affects everything from our concentration and memory to how often we get sick, so getting enough good-quality sleep each night should always be a priority. Environmental factors can have a big impact on how well we sleep, so turning your bedroom into the perfect
During our nightly sleep, it’s likely that we’ll have around five dream episodes ranging from 15-40 minutes each – that’s a lot of time spent dreaming in our lifetimes! But what does it all mean? Supposedly the dreams that we have are metaphorical and represent where we are in our lives, what our needs are,
Contents Check your beddingTips for babies and toddlersIf you are pregnantTips for getting a great night’s sleep as a new parentHealth, fitness and wellbeing can play a large partBe careful what you eat and drinkTips for relaxingGet yourself into a routineDuring the dayIn the eveningMake sure your bedroom promotes sleepWhen you are in the bedConsider
Contents Having Your Bed Close to the Bedroom Door Can Cause DiseaseSleepwalking Give a Heart AttackSingle Women Sleeping with Wedding CakeGetting Up on the Wrong Side of the BedCounting Sheep Helps SleepCheese Gives NightmaresTeenagers Are Lazier Than Adults Having Your Bed Close to the Bedroom Door Can Cause Disease This is certainly one of the

How To Nap During Lunch Break

Nowadays, people spend more and more time in their offices as pressure at work becomes more and more overwhelming. Taking a short power nap of 20-30 minutes can help improve mood, alertness and performance. Here are some tips to help you take a successful nap on your lunch break. Contents Nap within the Optimum HoursRation
We always place mattress toppers on top of our mattresses and underneath the bottom sheet. Some people think toppers are just accessory. Experienced users know that a right topper will not only make you feel comfortable but also affect your temperature in bed. How to choose the right one for you? Contents Duck Feather and

Feather Bedding vs. Down Bedding

Do you know the difference between down and feather pillows and duvets? Contents FeatherDownFeather or Down Feather The feathers of birds not only help them fly but also keep them warm and dry. Feathers are larger and heavier, as their quill run down the middle of the feather and the strands attached to it are

5 Drinks That Help You Sleep

You can drink some bedtime drinks to get a good night’s sleep. Contents Coconut WaterWarm MilkMalted MilkDecaffeinated Green TeaBanana Smoothie Coconut Water Coconut water is often regarded as an energy-boosting beverage, but it also can help you sleep better. It can help to relax muscles because it contains potassium and magnesium. It can reduce stress