We spend a lot of time in bed. Average, we spend about 26 years in our bed. Bed is very important for our health. However, do you know when you should replace your bed? Contents Physical SignsThe Seven-Year HitchWake up stiffReplace the BasePillows Physical Signs You should notice some physical signs. For instance, can you
We use pillows, duvets and mattresses every day. But, many people don’t know when we should replace them. Contents DuvetsPillowsMattresses Duvets We should replace duvets when we see signs of wear and tear, lumping or lack of plumpness. Before beginning to bunch or lose their oomph, duvets will usually furnish a bed for a much

Winter Duvet Buying Guide

How to choose winter duvet? In recent years, you have many choices since there have been some great innovations in bedding and duvet manufacture. Contents Tog RatingDuvet SizeDuvet FillingOuter CoveringEnvironment Tog Rating Duvets have a Tog rating. The standard duvet Tog rating scale runs from 1 through to 15. The higher the Tog rating, the

How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bugs like our bed because this warm and dry place contains ready food. How to identify if your bed has bed bugs? How to keep your bed bugs free? Contents Tips for Discovering Bed BugsTips for Getting Rid of Bed BugsTips for Preventing Bed Bugs ReturnRestoring Your Peace of Mind Tips for Discovering Bed
When buying a new mattress, you have two choices: memory foam and feather. Which one to choose? Memory Foam Mattress Topper Goose/Duck Feather Mattress Topper Features It is a spongy material which softens in reaction to your body heat. It molds perfectly to the contours of your body, and spring back to its original shape.
Do you know the difference between down natural filled duvets and synthetic filled duvets? Contents Natural Filled DuvetsSynthetic Filled Duvets Natural Filled Duvets In winter months, some people choose natural filled duvets since they keep you so warm due to it settling over our and filling the gaps. You will never be cold if you
When the high schools initiated the later start time, attendance rates improved significantly according to the study. Changing start times can effectively recapture those students who might otherwise not complete high school. And, teens are found to make good use of the extra hour and choose not to stay up any later than usual. With

Should You Sleep Wearing Earplugs

Ears are very important to our daily life. Sometimes, to get a better night’s sleep, we may stick something into our ears to block out any potentially disturbing sounds at bedtime. However, we should not use earplugs for a long time, for it will lead to many issues including potential ear infections and tinnitus. What
What is your sleeping position? People choose sleeping position, depending on the feel of the most comfortable. Generally, we should consider whether our sleeping position will affect our health. It is important to get a good night’s sleep. It also is important to get a right sleep. Before we snooze, we should not use mobile
In summer, we may lose out some valuable sleep. Sleep professionals share with us some tips on how to get valued sleep during summer. In the summertime, both heat and light will disrupt your sleep. You need to manage the room temperature and your body temperature on hot days. Take a tepid bath or shower

What Does Glamping Mean

Contents GlampingSet Up CampAccessoriesBeds and Bedding Glamping Many people don’t like to camp for quite some time on holiday since it is very cold. Now, glamping, a new camping term, has been born. Glamping is camping in a modern tent. With it, you don’t have to forego your creature comforts including your bedding since this
Smartphone comes with a Sleep cycle, a popular app, to help people wake up at the end of their lightest sleep cycle. We will wake up feeling refresh if we have completed a light sleep cycle. The Sleep cycle app not only can help us wake up happy but also let us know how differently
Sleepovers not only can be fun but also is very important to children. Contents Learn Social BoundariesMake New FriendsTry Out Something NewDemonstrate ResponsibilityGets Kids Out of Their Comfort ZonesKids Are Better Behaved Than You’d Think!They Build TrustIndependenceSelf-AdvocacyFun Learn Social Boundaries Although you can teach your kids how to perfectly behave around the house, they still
Good sleep is an essential component of good health. To get a great night’s sleep, you should choose a right pillow. Now, more and more people choose memory foam pillows. Designed by NASA back in the mid-1960’s, memory foam pillow is made from a material called viscoelastic, being highly energy absorbent and soft. This pillow

Types of Mattress Toppers

Back pain will affect anyone. Over time, old people will suffer back pain because of the sheer trials and tribulations of life, and young people may also suffer this through injuries, accidents or particularly strenuous lines of work. Besides, mattress can also cause the harm to your health. Mattresses have a life cycle, and they
It is very common for waking up with stiff neck. Most people think long hours working or sitting in front of a computer screen are responsible for the neck pain. But the real reason is the pillow you are using. Changing pillows every six months helps you find the best pillow for neck pain. You

Best Pillows for Side Sleepers

Different sleep positions need different pillows. Side sleeping is the most common sleep position. If you like sleeping on the side, you will find there is a greater difference between the head and the mattress and this distance needs to be filled to create a natural (straight) spine alignment. So, side sleeping will create the
Different people have different sleep positions. But, almost around one in five of us sleep on our front, and it is considered as the worst position for good sleep. If you are a stomach sleeper, you can try and change your sleep position within a right pillow. Contents Stomach sleepingWhat can we do?Different types of

Feather Duvets Vs. Down Duvets

Do you know the difference between feather and down? Knowing the two duvet filling types, you can choose a suitable one to get the best night’s sleep possible. Feather Duvets Down Duvets Features Feathers are found on the top surface of the goose or duck. They not only can help birds to fly but also
Maybe, your grandparents would only choose natural filled goose feather or down duvet. In general, you will find a range of synthetic fillings in recent years. However, do you know the difference between microfibre and hollowfibre duvets? Contents Hollowfibre DuvetsMicrofibre Duvets Hollowfibre Duvets Hollowfibre duvets are warm, breathable and light. They are made from fibres
You are wrong if you think sleep is a passive. In fact, sleep is a very active state. Contents Two Main Types of SleepStages of Sleep Two Main Types of Sleep Types Features Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) Sleep It occurs during the first 90 minutes. It restores the physical body. It releases growth hormones. It
Some teas may be helpful to sleep. Contents Valerian Root TeaCalming ChamomileLulling Lavender Valerian Root Tea For many years, valerian root has been used to create a wealth of medicinal aids. Valerian root is particularly well known for its medicinal properties, and it helps sleep. Drinking valerian root before hitting the sack helps you get
Winter has passed and the spring is coming. Now, we will feel warm, and enjoy brighter mornings, longer evenings and clearer sky. In spring, we can see fresh crops, and the growth of new flowers. Besides, we can see that plenty of animals emerging from their hibernated state. Spring indeed is a good time for

Should We Wear Socks to Bed

Now, socks become diversified. They are in every color, every size and every shape. However, there is something about socks that leaves many of us with cold feet. Socks can be combined with various of sandals. However, socks are most likely to be ignored, and most of us always notice a dress or suit. Some
Sleep is very important. If you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep, you should choose a right duvet tog. If the duvet is too warm or cold, adults will take corresponding measures timely. However, what duvet tog is best for your toddler since he doesn’t know how to add an extra blanket or sheet
When you wake up, you can’t feel your arm. What’s really happening when you wake up with a dead arm? Waking up with a dead dream is a pretty scary experience. In your tired state, you might begin to panic. Generally, don’t feel panic. A few minutes later, the feeling always comes back following a

Which Animals Sleep The Most

Sleep plays a crucial role for everyone. In our lifetime, about 1/3 of the time spent in sleep. Most of us need around 8 hours of sleep each night to function at our best. Short sleep may represent a cause of ill-health, and long sleep is believed to represent more an indicator of ill-health. Therefore,

Changes in Sleep with Age

Our sleep patterns change as we age, and several factors are contributing to changes in our sleep patterns as we age. Changes in sleeping as we age are a part of the normal aging process, along with the physical changes that occur in our bodies as we get older. The old have a harder time

How To Treat Sleep Deprivation

Poor sleep is linked to depression, heart disease, strokes and other accidents. Fortunately, you can do some things to improve your overall sleep experience. Contents BedDown ComforterPillowsSleepwearOther useful tips you should consider Bed Purchase a good mattress pad and some luxury linens as there is nothing else that feels quite as nice next to your
Do you know the different sleeping positions as well as their value? The best sleeping position depends on whether you snore, or have heartburn, back, hip, knee, neck, or shoulder problems. It is recommended to choose a mattress that is comfortable and fully supports your body without creating pressure points. Sleep posture can make a