Silk History & Uses

Silk, originated in China, is one of the oldest fibers known to man . The history of silk is both enchanting and illustrious. These articles cover the various facts of silk history.

What Is A Doona In Australia

In Australia a duvet is called a “Doona“, from a trademarked brand name derived from the Old Norse “dunn” meaning “down feathers”. In Danish and Norwegian a duvet is actually called a dyne, which is pronounced similarly to “doona”. Though still registered to the Tontine company, the name “Doona” has become a generic term for
How to Care for Silk Filled Duvet/ Comforter
Non-allergenic, Hypoallergenic or Anti-allergy have similar meanings, with minor difference. Non-allergenic means that the item itself shouldn’t cause an allergic reaction, but triggers such as dust mites may still be present. Hypoallergenic or Anti-allergy means the item is intended to prevent or minimize an allergic reaction. Our mulberry silk bedding products are all Hypoallergenic/ Anti-allergy.

What Does Duvet Mean In English

Duvet is mostly used in British and European countries.   It’s a large cover filled with feathers, cotton, silk or similar material which you put over yourself in bed instead of a sheet and blankets. In America, people use comforter instead. Silk filled Duvet & Silk Filled Comforter mean the same thing. Shop for Natural Silk
The History of Silk

The History of Silk

According to Confucius, it was in 2640 B.C. that the Chinese princess Xi Ling Shi was the first to reel a cocoon of silk which, legend also has it, had dropped into her cup of tea. From that historic moment, the Chinese discovered the life cycle of the silk worm and for the next 3000
Mulberry silk is the most common kind of silk in the world . It makes up 90% of the silk supply in the world. Mulberry Silk is produced by the silkworms which are fed from the mulberry leaves (hence its name). This article demonstrates the production process of silk. Silkworms are a species of insect
A quality down duvet (at times known as a comforter) will keep going quite a while if legitimately nurtured. When used, down has a tendency to clump inside the duvet, so that it can be lumpy and lopsided. Every day fluffing allows your duvet to be refreshing. Things required Down duvet, duvet cover removed if