Silk Properties & Benefits

Besides its luxurious softness and lustrous beauty, there are a variety of other benefits that silk offers that other fabrics.

Eye mask blocks unwanted light and helps your body produce melatonin to let your body naturally fall asleep. Besides bedroom, sleep mask can be used in many other places, and it has different uses including relaxation and meditation. Therefore, before choosing sleep mask, you should firstly consider the prime use for your sleep mask. The
With mulberry silk comforters, your body heat can pass through it during sleep, giving you a warm and comfortable feeling. In general, silk can be used throughout the year. The fabric is comfortable and warm in the winter and cool in summer. Absorb moisture Silk can absorb moisture because of its structure containing large hollow

Silk is Good for Elderly People

If you cannot accompany your parents often, you can offer them some silk products as gift, like silk bedding sets and silk sleepwear. Silk makes people feel elegant and comfortable but also is very beneficial to the health of elderly people. Silk is good for human health, anti-aging,  good for skin and hair Chinese medicine
We know that fibers are what fabrics are made of. There are many kinds of silk fibers which can be divided into 2 groups: Mulberry Silk Fiber Mulberry silk is the long natural silk fiber produced by matured and domesticated silkworm and is lightweight, soft and absorptive of moisture. Mulberry silk contains over 18 amino
Wrinkles might be the biggest enemy of women. Now, you can use silk pillowcases instead of cosmetics, beauty routines and plastic surgeries to battle the wrinkles. Do you know how do silk prevent wrinkles? Where Does Wrinkle Come From In general, your skin looks soft and smooth since the collagen underneath “pushing” your skin out.
Have you ever enjoyed the unique sleeping experience offered by silk pillowcase? Do you know mulberry silk pillowcases’ wonderful properties? Silk Pillowcases for Anti-Aging According to the survey, 90% silk users said they felt their skin more hydrated and smoother after using silk pillowcase. And 76% agreed that silk pillowcase can reduce signs of aging.

Health Benefits of Silk for Women

More and more young ladies choosing pure silk because of its hypoallergenic, organic, soft… Temperature Regulation Summer is very hot. Now, you can try silk and it will bring you a cool, smooth and soft feeling. If you are suffering from menopause symptoms and other women’s health issues, you can sleep in light, breathable silk

The Benefits of Silk Curtains

Recently, silk drapes are more and more popular in home decoration. Although we know silk drapes are made of organic and luxurious fabrics, most of us don’t know their unique features. Natural Protein Fiber Silk, a natural protein fiber, contains lots of amido and amino acids which can help to reduce signs of aging. Adiabatic
Dupioni silk (also referred to as Douppioni or Dupionn silk) is produced by using fine thread in the warp and uneven thread reeled from two or more entangled cocoons. It has inherent blocks or filaments in the fabric of the yarn. Advantages of Dupioni Silk Silk dupioni has some advantages over some other types of

Silk Handkerchief Benefits and Uses

What Is A Handkerchief? Handkerchief is a square of cloth carried in the pocket or purse, for the purpose of wiping ones’ hands as well as face, or blowing one’s nose. Sometimes, Handkerchief is used as a purely decorative attachment in a pocket. Handkerchiefs, especially silk handkerchiefs are essential accessories for each person’s pocket or
Silk Is Worth Buying: Benefits of Silk 1.Silk is good for skin and hair Silk comes from an animal and contains natural cell proteins that help to reduce signs of aging. Silk wicks moisture and keeps you cool in summer, warm in winter. There is almost no friction between your skin and your silk bedding
For approximately 3,000 years China successfully held the secret of silk and sericulture and held a virtual monopoly on the silk industry. About AD 300 Japan learned the secret of raising silkworms and reeling the filaments from the cocoons. Throughout history, silk has maintained a position of great prestige and is considered a luxury fiber.