Silk Buying Guide

The ultimate guide to buying silk bedding products. Tips for buying high-quality silk sheets, silk pillowcases, silk comforters.

This article present you with a breakdown of the most common fabrics used to make bed sheets. 1. Silk fabric Silk fabrics have gorgeous and rich appearance, and their elasticity and moisture absorption are much better than cotton.  Silk has the effect of natural soft light and flicker. Silk bed sheets are the best among
To improve sleep quality, more and more people begin seeking for silk comforters. This guide will tell you what to consider when choosing silk comforters. 1. Silk Shell or Cotton Shell Silk comforter, made of 100% silk floss, is usually divided into two types, one is with silk shell and the other is a cotton
When choosing natural comforters, we often have to make a choice between silk comforter and wool comforter. What’s the difference between them? 1. Warmth Keeping Wool is a great heat insulator, and it contains natural bubbles which can keep the heat inside the body to make people feel warm in cold weather. Silk’s warmth retention
Many factors can affect sleep. For instance, if you can find a suitable sleepwear, your sleeping quality can be improved. Some users may focus on the material of sleepwear. In general, sleepwear can be made of different materials. Silk Sleepwear Silk sleepwear is smooth, slippery and luxurious. Silk can keep cool in hot weather and

Myths About Silk Bed Sheets

Listed below are some myths about silk bed sheets that you must know. All Silk Sheets Are The Same Today, there are lots of different silk sheets on the market. Do you know how to compare sheets? Momme Weight Mommes (mm) is a unit traditionally used to measure the quality of silk fabrics. New users
A quality silk pillowcase is compatible with and friendly to human skin. It is recommended to select silk pillowcase with 19 to 25 momme weight. Mommes (mm) is a unit traditionally used to measure the quality of silk fabrics. Silk Charmeuse fabric made of mulberry silk fibers is the best fabric for silk pillowcases. Mulberry

Bedding Size Guide

Here is bedding size chart, dimensions for duvet covers, bed sheets (fitted sheets, flat sheets, bed skirts), pillowcases, blankets & comforters. For nighties/ sleepwear, there is no standard size chart, different SKUs and different manufacturers have different size charts. Inches Centimeters Duvet Cover Twin 67″W x 87″L + 2.75″ 170X220+7cm Full 76″W x 87″L
Want to know how to quickly find a suitable bathrobe for you? Here, as long as you know your height and weight, you can quickly determine which one is right for you. Even if you are going to buy a bathrobe for your friends or relatives, you had better know their correct size before buying,
Sleepwear is not only a dress, but also a wardrobe staple. In general, without sleepwear, the wardrobe will not be complete. When it comes to comfortable wear, we always think of sleepwear first. Sleepwear has different color, style, and size to meet different demands. What is considered as GOOD sleepwear Comfort: Comfort is the reason

Never Buy Cheap Silk Sheets

Don’t buy cheap silk sheets. You must be careful when choosing silk sheets. Silk sheets of low price are made of low quality silk, even more serious is that the sheets have other non-silk fibers in the weave. Choose 100% mulberry silk (also known as cultivated silk). Momme weight indicates the weight of the fabric.

Silk Sheets Buying Guide

Before buying silk sheets, several things need to be taken into consideration. Momme Weight and Thread Count When selecting silk sheets, you should consider thread count and momme. Silk is usually measured by momme weight. The higher the momme number, the heavier the fabric. It is recommended to select silk sheets with a momme weight

Silk Duvet Cover Buying Guide

Silk fabric is measured by its “momme” weight. The higher the momme weight, the greater the number of silk fibers and the more threads used in the production of silk fabric. It is recommended to select silk duvet cover with a momme weight of 19 – 25. Seamed or Seamless Silk Duvet Cover For 100%