Silk Buying Guide

The ultimate guide to buying silk bedding products. Tips for buying high-quality silk sheets, silk pillowcases, silk comforters.

Silk Duvet Buying Guide

There are several things you need to consider before choosing a silk comforter. 1. Fillings If you have enough money, you had better buy a silk comforter with 100 % mulberry silk filling. It is the most durable and highest quality silk. This is because that the mulberry silk comes from silkworms raised under the
Many people prefer to choose silk bedding without center seam or two eccentric side seams. In other words, they like seamless silk bedding. However, the standard silk thread width is 45 inches. Thus, most silk bedding will have a steam on it. The gap is either directly in the center or two off center side
Mulberry Silk Inserts
Silk filled comforters can be handmade or machine-made, they are quite different in many aspects. PandaSilk offers handmade comforters only, which are much better than machine-made ones . 1. The Silk Fiber Used Silk fibers are extracted from silk cocoons, handmade comforters require the workers to manually draw silk fibers from cocoons, getting what’s called 
Seamless silk sheets are made of one complete silk fabric without any seams;  Seamed silk sheets are made of several pieces of silk fabric, sewed together. The cost of making seamless silk sheets are higher than seemed silk sheets, because the cost of a big, complete silk fabric is very expensive; while several small pieces
We use thread count to measure the quality of cotton bedding, the higher the better. But when it comes to silk, Thread count becomes unimportant. We use “Momme weight“instead, usually referred as “mm” or “MM”.  One momme = 4.340 grams per square meter; The typical momme weight range for a common silk types are: Charmeuse
Silk and satin are both luxurious fabrics that can come in a variety of beautiful colors and make bed sheets. They will transform any bedroom into a sumptuous retreat. With silk and satin, you can feel warm during colder months and cool in warmer months, helping offset a high price tag with their versatility. Silk
Usage of Blankets Blankets are distinguished from bed sheets by their thickness and purpose. Blankets are thicker; even the thinnest blanket is thicker than the heaviest sheet. Extra-warm bedding All-season bedding Travel Outdoor use Kid’s room Guest rooms Throws Decorator blankets Sizes of Blanket Although there are some standard sizes of blanket, different companies may
For backpackers or hostel travelers, choosing a good sleeping bag liner for traveling is very important. We need to know different types of bag liners in order to make the best choice. Different Materials Used by Bag Liners Silk Bag Liners: Very lightweight (about 5 oz.) and compact. Silk helps insulate in cold weather but

Where To Buy Silk Scarves For Hair

PandaSilk offers silk scarves of various types. There are four main types of scarves available at PandaSilk online shop. A shawl is a rectangular/triangular/square larger item wrapped around the body or draped over the shoulders. It is worn for decorative purposes (to accent an outfit or cover bare shoulders in formal attire), religious purposes, or
A modern duvet (UK),  comforter (USA)  or doona (Australia) is like a sleeping bag, no matter how people call them in different countries. They can be divided by the fillings: Down or feathers Silk Wool Cotton Artificial fibers such as polyester batting. Among these, Silk filled duvet is the best choice, which brings you the
Silk Filled Duvet/ Comforter
Comforter is used in America, people in UK say duvet, people in Australia say doona or quilt. No matter how we speak, there are 3 main factors we need to take into consideration when buying: size, cover and filling. 1. Which size of comforter fits your bed? It’s wise to measure your bed dimension before

What Is The Thread Count of Silk

We use thread count to measure the quality of cotton bedding, the higher the better. But when it comes to silk, Thread Count becomes unimportant. We use Momme weight instead. In case you want to know our silk bedding thread count, we list it here 19MM Silk Sheets:  Thread Count 400 22MM Silk Sheets: Thread