Silk DIY Tutorials

How to sew with silk. How to sew a travel size pillowcase, baby nightgown. Instructions to sew a silk quilt.

Backgrounds used in ads, logos, or websites can have a significant impact on how your documents are perceived. Different themes need different backgrounds. For instance, high-tech website’s backgrounds contain lots of metal, computer parts or circuitry. However, if you are working with fashion, you can try a silky, rippled background to give the appearance of

Instructions to Sew a Silk Quilt

A silk quilt has an amazing finish with adequate weight that doesn’t need a batting. You could embellish the squares using a complicated sewing pattern, or put brocade ribbons, beading or lavish weaving to make it a wonderful artwork. Come to wholesale fabric stores and search for silk remnants. Pick silk noil that has a

How to Sew With Silk

Silk was taken as a luxury fabric in most cultures during the human history. Even though silk has been made more accessible by synthetic procedures, silk is still similar to richness and waste. The same gorgeous and extravagant as it is to wear and feel, silk has many requirements to sew with. Nevertheless, you can