How Do Worms Make Silk

How is silk harvested from silkworms? How is silk made from a silkworm?

Feed silkworms with the leaves of the mulberry tree. Silkworm spins its cocoon, and then safely transform into the chrysalis, which is the pupa stage. Destroy the chrysalis without breaking the silk filament. Sort and soften the cocoons, and reel the raw silk filament into skeins. Categorize the skeins of raw silk by color, size, and quantity. Soak silk in warm water mixed with oil or soap to soften the sericin, and then dry it. Silk filaments are twisted in a particular manner to achieve a certain texture of yarn. Next, soak the yarn in warm soapy water to remove the remaining sericin, achieving the distinctive softness and shine of silk. Finally, weave it to fabric.

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