How Is Silk Used Today

Clothing Cloths made of silk have a high perceived value. Different twisting methods produce different silk fabric, including crepe, shantung and satin.

Silk fibers can be used to make soft, flowing nightgowns, underwear and robes.

For instance, Dupioni, a type of Indian silk, is suitable for men’s shirts, women’s dresses.

Chiffon silk, a soft and light silk made from a very highly twisted yarn, is used for women’s formal dresses because of its very strong but still very thin.

Raw silk is often used for sport coats and ladies suits/coats.

Home Decor Silk fabrics can add elegance as well as beauty to the decor of most rooms.

Silk chiffon can be used to make flowing curtains and ruffles for pillows and comforters.

Silk wall coverings bring a finishing touch to rooms. You can use silk throws and pillows to add colorful additions to your room decor.

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