How to Make A Bed

How to make bedding? How to use bed sheets?

1. Put the fitted sheets in place. Place the sheet around your mattress. Pull it taught in each corner, and tuck it into the bottom of the mattress.

2. Spread the top sheet evenly across the bed, with the finished side facing down. The top edge should hit the top of the mattress, and the bottom edge should hang over the end of the bed.

3. Tuck the bottom of the top sheet into the mattress.

4. Create a vertical fold known as a hospital corner.

5. Tuck the top sheet’s sides into the sides of the mattress.

6. Spread a blanket over the top sheet, and align its long sides with the long side of the mattress.

7. Create hospital corners with blanket’s bottom edges.8. Tuck in the blanket completely along both sides of the mattress.

9. Fold about a foot of the top sheet over the top edge of the blanket.10. Put the bedspread over the bed, and make sure that both sides are draped evenly over the bed.11. Put pillows at the top of the bed.

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