How to Make A Toddler Bed Blanket

  1. Choose fabrics.
  2. Cut the fabric into squares, and the size depends on how many different blocks of material you want.
  3. Lay the fabric out in a pattern you love.
  4. Label each row so you can keep track of them.
  5. Sew the rows of fabric to each other. It is recommended to sew on the wrong sides of the fabric.
  6. Pin and sew the rows to each other on the wrong sides once you have sewn all of the blocks together.
  7. Sew the entire front of the blanket together. Trim the excess fabric off near the areas where you did the sewing.
  8. Lay the blanket on the backing.
  9. Sew the batting, the front, and the back of the blanket all together.
  10. Lay the batting on top of the blanket and trim it to fit the front and back of the blanket.
  11. Sew the three outer edges while it is inside out. Trim off the excess batting and material after the batting is secure to both layers. Then, turn the blanket right-side out.
  12. Sew the remaining edge if desired.

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