How to Organize Sleepwear

How to organize pajama set?

1. Take your first pajama set.

2. Lay the pants out and fold them in half with one leg on top of the other.

3. Fold the pants in half so that the hem meets the waist band, and set the pants to the side.

4. Grab the pajama top.

5. Fold one arm and about 1/4 of the shirt.

6. Fold the other arm and the other 1/4 of the shirt.

7. Fold the shirt in half.

8. Place the folded shirt on top of the folded pants.

9. Take the waist band side of the pants and fold them in 1/3 of the way.

10. Fold it again so that it makes a neat roll.

11. Simply place the pajama rolls in your drawer so that the fold side is up. You can easily see everything you have and your drawer will stay neatly organized.

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