How to Sew Fitted Bed Sheets

1. Measure the mattress.

2. Fit the corners.

  • Remove hems from an existing flat sheet.
  • Place the sheet evenly on the mattress, right side of the fabric down.
  • Pin a dart in place at each corner.

3. Sew the corner.

  • Sew dart in place.
  • Trim the dart to 1/2″”.
  • Sew the raw edge in place with zigzag stitch.
  • Turn sheet under 1/4″” and 1/4″” again to hem the edges of the sheet.
  • Sew in place.

4. Attach Elastic. Cut 4 pieces of 1/4″” or wider elastic 10 inches long.

  • Place each piece of elastic at bottom of each dart on the wrong side of the sheet.
  • Stretch each end of elastic as far as possible to make it go along the edge of the sheet.
  • Sew the elastic to the corners of the sheet with zigzag stitch, keeping the elastic stretched. Repeat on all four corners.

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