How to Sew Nightgown

How to sew nightwear? How to sew sleepwear?

1. Select a dress pattern.
It is recommended to gather the front and back bodice pieces of a very basic dress pattern.

2. Create the yoke pieces.

  • Trace the front and back neckline and shoulders.
  • Measure the total neckline circumference on your pattern pieces.
  • Measure your shoulder seams to make sure they match up and true up those seams if they don’t.

3. Cut and sew yoke.

  • Cut out the front and back yoke pieces.
  • You can cut out two of each yoke and then sew them together to create a facing and a nicely finished neckline, if you want a clean finish on the inside and out.

4. Measure and cut the skirt pieces.

  • If you want to keen length nightgown, the skirt pieces are approximately 30 inches long.
  • For the width, you can use your bust measurement plus about 10 inches, and then divide by two for the width of each piece.

5. Attach the skirt to the yoke.

  • Fold the skirt pieces in half.
  • Mark a notch at the center top, and a notch about 4 inches in from the side edge.
  • Run some gathering stitches across the top of both skirt pieces.
  • Pin the skirt to the front yoke, starting with the yoke spaced about two inches from the skirt-side edge.
  • Sew the skirt portion to the front yoke.
  • Repeat the same steps for the back yoke.

6. Create and trim armholes.

  • Fold the nightgown so that all four side edges are even.
  • Trim out an armhole shape.
  • Measure your own body, an existing nightgown or other sleeveless item to get the depth of the armhole.

7. Sew down yoke facings.

  • Sew the side seams of the nightgown.
  • Finish the armhole edges with bias binding.

8. Put a bow on it.

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