How to Wash A Pashmina And Silk Scarf

1. Fill a bowl or sink with cold water.

2. Add a few drops of liquid wool-laundering detergent, and stir it until suds appear.

3. Place pashmina scarf in the soapy water.

4. Slowly swirl the scarf around to clean it. Do not squeeze the scarf or apply too much pressure. If your scarf has tassels, you should swish them around gently.

5. Rinse the scarf two or three times with cool running water to remove soapsuds.

6. Place the scarf flat on the towel.

7. Put another towel over the scarf.

8. Press down on the top towel lightly, soaking up excess water.

9. Put the scarf on a clean and dry towel.

10. Stretch the scarf out to its original shape and let it air dry.

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