Is Silk Bedding Good For You

Of course, silk bedding is good for us.

Silk, a natural fabric, is sympathetic to our bodies’ needs. Silk bedding works in unison to help us get what we really want and need – contented, deep sleep. In a word, silk bedding is healthier for us than other bedding.

Silk bedding is a good option for allergy sufferers, for silk is naturally hypoallergenic and is an environment dust mites find inhospitable. Sleeping with silk bedding significantly reduces the number of dust mites living in bedding, thus people who suffer from dust mite related allergies can have a good sleep.

Silk helps our skin reabsorb moisture because of its amino acids, which is hugely beneficial to sufferers of both Eczema and dry skin.

Silk bedding keeps us cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool.

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