What Are Bed Sheets Made Of

The following 7 most common fabrics are widely used to make sheets.

  1. Cotton is the most popular fabric used to make sheets, for cotton is durable, breathable, soft, easy to care for, and generally quite affordable. And, if you’re shopping for super-soft, high-quality bed sheets, you can choose Egyptian cotton. This type of cotton has extra-long fibers that create the softest, smoothest fabric.
  2. Flannel sheet is a wise choice for cold winter nights. Flannel sheet is very soft and traps body heat. Flannel’s quality is measured in ounces per square yard instead of thread count.
  3. Tencel, a brand name for fabric made out of eucalyptus tree wood pulp, is soft, very durable, and naturally antimicrobial. As the production of Tencel requires less water, energy and chemicals than cotton does, it is generally considered an environmentally friendly fabric.
  4. Silk, a luxurious and soft fiber produced by silkworms, is cool, silky and sensuous. Silk sheet is a must for the romantic or sexy bedroom. Silk sheet is hypoallergenic.
  5. Polyester, a manmade fiber, is quite stiff and scratchy when used on its own.
  6. Bamboo is typically rather stiff and rough although it can be made into fabric. Generally, most sheets that you find labeled as “bamboo” are actually rayon. And its production is a chemical process.
  7. Blended fabrics are also popular, for blended fabrics are usually inexpensive. Cotton/polyester is the most common. Blended fabrics are a good choice for children’s bedding, for they durable and wrinkle-resistant.

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