What Is A Good Thread Count For Egyptian Cotton Sheets

200 thread count, found in many hotels, is ideal for contract or domestic usage where the requirement is for cool crisp bed linen within a certain budget. Egyptian cotton sheet with 200 thread count is very cool and light, which is mostly used in summer.

400 thread count is the best choice for Egyptian cotton sheet. It is cool feel and durability, with a universal appeal. It is softer and more substantial than the 200 count. No doubt, 400 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet is what you expect to find on the beds of major hotel chains worldwide.

600 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet is made possible by the use of compressed air technology in the weaving process. It is a beautiful lustrous, uniform, soft and very smooth fabric.

800 – 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheet is considered to be very beautiful bed linen even after many, many years.

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