What Is The Process Of Making Silk

Step 1: Raising silkworms. Moths lay eggs in a controlled environment. Silkworms hatch out of the eggs and are fed with mulberry leave.

Step 2: Harvesting cocoons. Silkworms spin cocoons.

Step 3: Extracting thread. Cocoon is treated with hot air, steam, or boiling water. Reel silk threads from several cocoons together on a wooden spindle into a uniform strand of raw silk.

Step 4: Dyeing. Dye silk thread in a dye bath.

Step 5: Spinning. Spin silk thread by hand on wooden or plastic tubes to be prepared for warp or weft.

Step 6: Weaving. Set the loom after the warp and weft are prepared. And then, weave silk by hand loom or power loom.

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