Why Is Children’s Sleepwear Flame Retardant

To protect children from burns, we have to choose sleepwear for children need to meet certain flammability requirements. A flame from a candle, lighter or others causes it to catch fire.

In the 1940s, sweaters and children’s cowboy chaps out of rayon fabric would ignite easily and flash burn. And, there was a scandal over the tragic deaths that resulted.

As a result, the government passed the Flammable Fabrics Act which requires manufactures have to use flame-resistant fabric to make children’s pajamas and a number of other items like mattresses.According to a survey, we find some children actually are harmed or even killed from fire accidents resulting in ignition, melting, or smoldering of their clothing.

For instance, 92 of the 105 burn centers agreed to report burn injuries related to children’s clothing, according to the National Burn Center Reporting System provided by the CPSC.

From June 2004 through December 2005, about 261 children were burned by their clothing. Therefore, children’s sleepwear must be flame resistant.

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