Silk Comforter -2.5Kg (Winter)

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Mulberry Silk Filled Comforter – 2.5Kg Silk Fibers.

  • Silk Filled Duvet/ Comforter with 2.5 kg mulberry silk fiber fillings.
  • Comforter Shell:100% natural cotton fabric, soft, smooth, gentle, non-irritating to human skin.
  • Size: twin, full/double, queen, king, california king.
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1. Silk Fiber Fillings

100% mulberry silk fibers.

2. Cotton Comforter Shell

White stripe shell, 100% cotton, soft, smooth, gentle, non-irritating to human skin.

How to Care for Silk filled comforters

  • The comforter shell is a basic method to maintain the integrity of silk fillings, please don’t consider the shell as a duvet cover, put the silk comforter bought from us directly into a better professional duvet cover, either a cotton duvet cover or a silk duvet cover which you can buy from us.
  • Never try to take the silk fillings out of the cotton shell, which usually ends up destroying the integrity of fillings.
  • The key point is: Avoid getting silk fillings dirty, use duvet cover to protect it.
  • Silk fillings should never be immersed in water. Neither hand wash nor machine wash.
  • Never place silk fillings into dryer. You can put it under sunshine for a hour. Avoid strong summer sun.
  • If you have stained your silk duvet cover, simply take the duvet cover off and wash the duvet cover.

Features of Silk Filled Comforter

  1. 100% mulberry silk
  2. Pure manually drawn, crisscross structure, long service life;
  3. As pure natural green product, natural silk prevents the skin from aging. Fine, smooth, soft, warm in winter and cool in summer, the silk protects the skin, promotes sleep, it is mite-resistant, antibacterial, absorbs moisture and release sweat; it is featured by excellent characteristics such as breathability, moisture absorption, humidity elimination, comfort, no static electricity etc.
  4. Safe sleep, our silk quilt is made from long fiber mulberry silk which effectively prevents users with respiratory diseases from inhaling dust and short fiber.

Health Benefits of Silk Filled Comforter

  1. Silk is a natural insulator. Depending on the temperature, silk duvets either draw heat away from the body, or traps in the warmth. In the winter, the large fibres in silk duvets, reduce heat loss from the body, but in summer, the silk fleece sheds surplus heat by wicking away moisture from your body – keeping you cool and comfortable. This also means that one silk duvet/quilt will satisfy two sleepers with different warmth needs.
  2. Silk is naturally hypoallergenic. Silk Filled Duvet/ Comforter are resistant to dust and house mites, mildew, mould, and rot that attacks other fibres. Sufferers of asthma, blocked sinuses or other hay fever symptoms, can find relief in silk duvet bedding, as well as those with allergies to down or other synthetic material.
  3. Silk is composed of 18 amino acids. The same amino acids that are found in our own bodies. Medical studies have show that this can help blood circulation and your digestion system during sleep. It also helps to reduce the discomfort of itchy skin and aids in preventing vascular sclerosis.
  4. Silk duvets are also suited to children. Their lightweight nature and breathable qualities ensure a regulated, even, sleep temperature with no added chemicals for a healthier sleeping environment.
  5. Silk duvets provide the same warmth as down duvets. They are comfortable all year round due to their insulating properties.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Silk Comforters

25 reviews for Silk Comforter -2.5Kg (Winter)

  1. FM

    Very prompt friendly service

  2. Meema1

    Still waiting for the package to arrive

  3. Destiny Oliver

    I really enjoy the luxury quality of the silk bedding.

  4. Kaohinani

    Excellent quality and workmanship, and delivered in a timely manner.

  5. Barbara Upchurch

    Reasonable prices, fast efficient service. Hasslefree – thanks!

  6. Dacia Kirby

    No concerns, order was delivered as planned and was exactly what i ordered.

  7. kie kie

    Great quality, great service, we love it!

  8. janara cristina de campos

    Great service, rapid delivery, great product

  9. laryssa karla

    Silk comforter with nice cotton cover

  10. Vicki L Nutter

    I was very impressed. It is soft and lightweight. I live in Atlanta and this works year round.

  11. Shauntavia Ferguson

    Swift, substantial, sumptuous

  12. Novadene Greene

    Can trust this overseas seller!

  13. Brenda Capehart

    i love it !! Got no more to say!

  14. Burt Brown

    Very nice comforter for fall. My husband has dust allergy and the silk comforter help a lot!

  15. Laura Parrish

    Love it! It’s soft, beautiful, and keeps the temp just right!

  16. Tameria Tomman

    fast delivery and good product

  17. Marina Mega

    good material but not sized right

  18. regina

    The softest, warmest, and most comfortable comforter I’ve ever own

  19. shaunda lewis

    good communication and happy to provide advice and service

  20. Rhonda J

    great product , fast ship , excellent packaging

  21. slvi smith

    Excellent purchase. Good quality & prompt delivery

  22. Lady Awuku

    love the silk, love the quick delivery

  23. Wini Alexander

    shipping was as stated the comforter was as advertisedvery high quality price was excellent highly recommend

  24. Michele Rogers

    Fantastic product with fast service!

  25. Dirce

    excellent product on excellent site

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