How to Wash Bed Sheets

Wash your sheets once a week if possible. Read the care label of your sheets before washing. Do not wash too many sheets at once. Remove sheets from your bed. Place the sheets into a washing machine without any other items. Add detergent to machine. Do not use too much detergent. Choose “sheet cycle” or
The load capacity of washing machine can vary between 6 to 12kg, and 7kg is the average. Therefore, it is recommended to wash up to 2 bed sheets with washing machine at the same time. Related Posts How To Wash Down & Feather Pillows Silk Nightwear Is An Essential Item For Women How To Make
Silk is famous for its luxury and smoothness. However, silk is often mistaken for delicate fabric. As a matter of fact, with proper care, silk cam can be preserved beautifully and can be used for many years. This article shows how to properly care for silk bed sheets (fitted sheets & flat sheets). How to