Are Silk Worms Harmful

No, they are practically harmless except when they poop on your stuff. Silkworms are high in Calcium, Protein, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, and Vitamins B1, B2, and B3. Silkworm caterpillars are helpful to people. For instance, silkworms help gravid females to produce strong healthy eggs. Silkworms are building a strong demand for their nutritional value and

What Do Silkworms Eat

In general, silkworms can only survive on mulberry leaves and they eat mulberry leaves exclusively in nature. Silk farmers can feed the worms a special artificial mulberry diet. Before feeding silkworms, silk farmers should make sure that the leaves are free of pesticides. Newborn silkworms must be fed young mulberry leaves, for their mouths cannot