Sleeping in mulberry silk sheets is like sleeping on cloud. However, how to clean these wonderful, luxurious silk sheets at home? Never put your silk sheets in the dryer. Always check the tags on the sheets. It is recommended to send your silk sheets to the professional dry cleaning. However, if you want to wash
We don’t need to dry clean silk sheets, unless the label says “DRY CLEAN ONLY”.  Hand wash in cold water is a common-use method for cleaning silk sheets, and is the sheets are machine washable, we can even wash it with washing machine. How To Wash Silk Sheets: Hand Wash, Machine Wash, or Dry Clean
Silk is a delicate natural fabric which requires special care. In order to use your silk sheets for long time, you must follow the instructions on the labels coming with your original product package. Generally, there are three ways to clean silk sheets: dry clean, hand wash & machine wash. No matter which cleaning method

How to Care for Silk Sheets

The last thing you want to do after spending a few hundred dollars on high-quality silk sheets is that how to care them. In addition to high cost, the difficulty to care for silk is another big barrier for users who don’t want to buy it. However, in general, caring for them shouldn’t stop you
It is really hard to clean 100% pure silk clothing, for any washing, detergent-based soap or sunlight can permanently damage it. Here, it is recommended to wash 100% silk nightwear by hand to prevent the fabric from being damaged. Even more important, you should use neutral-based pH-level soaps to wash it to avoid staining the