When to Replace a Down Comforter

Down comforters offer the ultimate in comfort. But, if your down comforter has been used for 10-15 years, it won’t offer this comfort. Now, it’s time to change your down comforter. Try doing some test if you don’t know whether you should replace your down comforter. Remove down comforter from the duvet cover. Hold the

What’s A Down Blanket

Down comforter is very popular in bedding. Sometimes, however, people might choose down blankets because they think down comforters are too warm. Down blanket is, in essence, a thinner version of a down comforter. Down is a natural fiber. Both down comforters and blankets have excellent insulation. The alternative of a synthetic blanket will be
Duvet is so warm, but we need a duvet insert in cold winter. Inserts can be everything such as goose and synthetic material. And, covers come in different weights and fabrics, and can be plain or quilted. Down-filled Duvets If you want to choose down-filled duvet inserts, temperature regulators, you should consider the percentage of