How to choose winter duvet? In recent years, you have many choices since there have been some great innovations in bedding and duvet manufacture. Tog Rating Duvets have a Tog rating. The standard duvet Tog rating scale runs from 1 through to 15. The higher the Tog rating, the warmer the duvet. However, in the
Do you know the difference between down natural filled duvets and synthetic filled duvets? Natural Filled Duvets In winter months, some people choose natural filled duvets since they keep you so warm due to it settling over our and filling the gaps. You will never be cold if you sleep under this type of duvet.
A modern duvet (UK),  comforter (USA)  or doona (Australia) is like a sleeping bag, no matter how people call them in different countries. They can be divided by the fillings: Down or feathers Silk Wool Cotton Artificial fibers such as polyester batting. Among these, Silk filled duvet is the best choice, which brings you the