The major silk producing countries in the world are; China, India, Uzbekistan, Brazil and Japan. And, China as well as India is the two leading silk producers today. Over 50% of silk worldwide originates from China. India leads at 28,708 metric tons in annual silk production. Related Posts 5 Ways to Sleep When You Have
In general, China and India are the two leading silk producers of silk. Silk industry actually began between 5,000 and 3,000 BC in China. There is no doubt that China takes the lead in silk production globally, and it produces 146,000 metric tons in 2016. India, second-leading producer, produces 28,708 metric tons in 2016. Related

Where Is Silk Made In The World

In general, most of silk is produced by 5 countries including China, India, Uzbekistan, Brazil and Japan, although the global production of silk occurs in more than 60 countries. Related Posts 5 Tips for Better Sleep In the Summer 6 Ways to Make Your Bed Ready for Sex Choose the Right Paint Color For Your