Do you know the difference between down and feather? The most obvious difference between the two groups is that feather has a noticeable quill. Where down comes from? Firstly, you need to know where both down and feather come from if you want to fully understand the differences. We can find down and feathers on

Feather Bedding vs. Down Bedding

Do you know the difference between down and feather pillows and duvets? Feather The feathers of birds not only help them fly but also keep them warm and dry. Feathers are larger and heavier, as their quill run down the middle of the feather and the strands attached to it are thicker. Feathers are long

Feather Duvets Vs. Down Duvets

Do you know the difference between feather and down? Knowing the two duvet filling types, you can choose a suitable one to get the best night’s sleep possible. Feather Duvets Down Duvets Features Feathers are found on the top surface of the goose or duck. They not only can help birds to fly but also