We spend a lot of time in bed. Average, we spend about 26 years in our bed. Bed is very important for our health. However, do you know when you should replace your bed? Physical Signs You should notice some physical signs. For instance, can you perhaps feel the springs pushing into your back? Or
We use pillows, duvets and mattresses every day. But, many people don’t know when we should replace them. Duvets We should replace duvets when we see signs of wear and tear, lumping or lack of plumpness. Before beginning to bunch or lose their oomph, duvets will usually furnish a bed for a much longer amount
When do you change bed sheets?when changing bed sheets? Generally, when to change sheets is a matter of personal preference. It is recommended to change sheets once a week. However, you should consider changing your sheets more frequently if your sheets are obviously stained, if you are sick, if you tend to sleep naked, or