Silk yarns and fibers are extracted from silkworm cocoons. Silk moth lays eggs, and then eggs hatch into larva, or caterpillar ¨C the silkworm. Next, silkworms spin cocoon for protection. Sort cocoons according to the color, size shape, and texture. Heat the sorted cocoons in boiling water to soften the gummy substance that holds the
How to make silk from cocoon? Cultivate the silkworms on mulberry leaves. Silkworms spin cocoons. Once they are fully formed, you can boil the cocoons, killing the pupae inside and dissolving the glues binding the silk together. Each cocoon is made up of one extremely long strand. You can twist several of these very fine
Mulberry silk is the most common kind of silk in the world . It makes up 90% of the silk supply in the world. Mulberry Silk is produced by the silkworms which are fed from the mulberry leaves (hence its name). This article demonstrates the production process of silk. Silkworms are a species of insect