Chinese silk blanket has beauty, luster and texture because of the silk fibers it contains. Silk is the most luxurious natural fiber in the world. Hand-washing or dry cleaning the silk blanket for the first 2/3 times, preserving the gloss of the satin and softening the silk fibers. Some color especially the darker tones will

How to Wash Silk Blankets

Silk is a natural, lightweight, and insulating material made by worms and comes in a variety of types. People often choose silk blankets for their bedding. If silk gets careful care, it can be used in many years for it actually possesses strong fibers.  You shouldn’t wash silk blankets often, once a year is recommended.
Silk, a natural material composed by worms, has many kinds. Notwithstanding, all silk is a lightweight, insulation material. Because of their development, individuals frequently pick silk blankets as bedding. Whilst it might appear to have delicacy, it really has solid fiber to last long if nurtured appropriately. Things Required Mild washing soap White vinegar-1/4 cup