Please remove silk stains as quickly as possible for stains will set in quickly on silk to dry. Grease or oil satins Rinse silk with cool water. Remove grease by applying talcum powder. Put blotting paper (or part of a brown paper sack if that’s all you have) below and above the stain. Gently iron
1. Place a thick layer of cornstarch on grease stain. 2. Press into area. 3. Leave the cornstarch on place for 24 hours. 4. Brush cornstarch off. 5. If some of the stain remains, rub some dish liquid into the grease stain. 6. Leave it sit for several hours. 7. Blot with a damp cloth.
1. Place silk item on a flat surface. 2. Apply baking soda or cornstarch or salt on the stain. 3. Leave the powder on the stain for several hours, absorbing the oil. 4. Brush off the powder. 5. Repeat the process if any stain remains. 6. If the stain is stubborn, you can try the

How To Clean & Wash Vintage Silk

Silk, a delicate fabric, is made from natural fibers, which requires special care when cleaned. Hand washing can damage some silk, but most vintage silk fabric can be washed safely without any damage. Use Mild Detergent and Cool Water Mix very mild, organic detergent and cool water. Gently squeeze the scarf in the sudsy water.
How to remove alcohol stains out of silk? Some silks support hand washing, but some require dry cleaning. Thus, before removing stains, you should read the care tag carefully. For washable silk, try the methods below to remove alcohol stains. How to Remove Fresh Alcohol Stain Moisten a soft cloth or sponge with warm water.

How To Make Washed Silk Shine Again

Washing silk requires particular attention for silk is a finicky fabric. Although most silk says dry cleaning only, we can wash some lightweight by hand. However, the only disadvantage of hand washing is that it will damage the luster of silk. If your silk loses its luster, you can try the following process to restore
Silk can be used to make flowing gowns, blouses, ties and shirts. Unfortunately, perspiration stains can also happen to these clothes, and it is difficult to remove them from silk clothing. However, the good news is that as long as you find a proper cleaning solution, you can easily remove them. Steps to Remove Perspiration
Do you know how to clean silk garments like silk dress and silk nightwear? Maybe, some users always turn to dry cleaner for help since they think handing washing will damage the delicate fabric. Of course, those people have to spend much money cleaning it. However, you can follow the instructions below to remove stains
Silk taffeta is widely used to make wedding dresses or other formal affair. However, most people may don’t know how to remove stains like perfumes, deodorant, makeup and hairspray from silk taffeta. In general, it is very difficult to remove these stains. Fortunately, if you quickly clean stains, you may have a chance to remove
Mildew, a mold, grows in a moist, warm place, where there is little or no airflow or sunshine, discoloring silk. If there is mildew on silk garments, you will feel dismay, and you could smell it before you see. Fortunately, you can remove them with hydrogen peroxide. In the outdoors, wear a pair of protective
In general, we don’t need to spend money removing all stains from silk blouse. As a matter of fact, we can remove most stains from silk by ourselves. Follow the following steps. Determine stains. Deal with stains as soon as possible. If not, some stains especially alcohol stains may damage the silk. Test the color
It is extra difficult to remove greasy food stains from silk clothes without damaging the fabric due to the material’s delicate fiber. Try using a combination of methods to lift out the grease and leave the silk looking good as new. Rinse the stain, and then soak it in cold water to remove grease and