Do you know how to remove lipstick from your mulberry silk sheets? Try the laundry soap you use to regularly clean the sheets but in a little more concentrated form, once the lipstick and makeup stain has set. You can try ammonia if this work doesn’t work. However, you have to be careful if the
Silk taffeta is widely used to make wedding dresses or other formal affair. However, most people may don’t know how to remove stains like perfumes, deodorant, makeup and hairspray from silk taffeta. In general, it is very difficult to remove these stains. Fortunately, if you quickly clean stains, you may have a chance to remove
You may think a silk sleepwear with olive oil is ruined. In general, you can try the following method to remove the oil stain. Steps to Remove Olive Oil Spots from Silk Sleepwear Immediately wipe the oil stain gently with an absorbent sanitary napkin to remove excess oil. Place the dyed portion of the shirt