Do you know to get grease out of pillowcase? Maybe, you can try using a pre-treatment product and a hot soapy water to wash it. But, you should not use chlorine bleach. Want to know more details? Pre-treatment Options Apply liquid heavy-duty or enzyme detergent, a powdered detergent paste, or an enzyme or petroleum based-solvent
As we know, pillowcase will turn yellow over time, no matter how hard we try. However, do you know what causes it to turn yellow? Can we delay the process? Common problems Person’s sweat can turn a pillowcase yellow. Perspiration is used to maintain body temperature. Sweat, the result of perspiration, is the secretion of
How to remove stains from your pillowcase? In general, whatever the stains, you should treat them as soon as possible. The longer stain stayed on the fabric the more difficult to remove it. How to Remove Food and Saliva Stains Cover the stain with enough liquid laundry detergent. Rub the fabric so the detergent permeates