How to Clean Silk Bedding

Silk is a wonderful, natural fabric, and is a strong fabric. With proper care, silk can last for a long time. Hand washing is a goof option for cleaning silk bedding. 1. Fill bathtub with lukewarm or cold water. 2. Add about two teaspoons of detergent to the water. 3. Soak the silk bedding in
Do you know how to care for your high quality of silk bedding and sleepwear? How to Care for Silk Sheets Look for a machine with a “Hand Wash” or “Delicate” setting to wash quality silk sheets. Use laundry bag to separate silk. Leave enough room for silk sheets, washing them on their own without

How to Spot Clean Silk Pillows

Silk, delicate fabric, cannot resist friction, twist, scrub or soak. Although some silk supports hand washing, most silk will be easily dyed if they are in contact with water. And, for pillow, you don’t know whether it is safe to wash it by hand for you cannot find a clear tag on it. Here, to
Wearing silk robe is very comfortable. However, do you know how to clean silk robe without damaging it. Some silk garments may only allow dry cleaning. However, some manufacturers offer cheaper hand sanitizers to clean them. In general, you can easily and quickly wash your silk robe without damaging it. Steps to Clean Silk Robe
Silk skirt is very beautiful. However, it is really difficult to wash silk skirt because it is so fragile. And, there are different ways to deal with different colors. Some useful tips are shown below. Tips for Washing Silk Skirts Before washing your silk, you have to carefully read its care instructions. If it says