How to Iron Silk Blouse

Step 1: Hand Washing Silk Blouse Hand wash silk blouse in lukewarm water. Add a few drops of mild detergent to the water. Gently rub it to release stains. Soak silk blouse in the water for three to five minutes. Rinse the garment with fresh lukewarm water until the bubbles disappear. Wrap silk blouse in

How to Clean Silk Scarf

Silk, a delicate and expensive fabric, is prone to snagging. In general, hand washing is the best way to clean you silk scarf. 1. Fill a sink or large bowl with cool water. 2. Add a few drops of mild detergent to the water and create suds. 3. Submerge scarf fully in the water for
Despite its reputation as delicate fabric, silk has tenacity fibers hat can stand up to ironing, which means a big savings. You are able to directly use iron on silk fabric, while use a special steam setting on heavier silk fabrics. It is recommended to iron on a low heat setting, for the sheen that

How To Clean/ Hand Wash Silk Scarves

To clean silk scarves, hand washing the highly recommended. The best way to wash silk is to use cold water and natural soap such as baby soap. First, test a mild, non-alkaline liquid soap or baby shampoo on a small, inconspicuous section of the scarf to ensure that the substance won’t affect the scarf’s colors. If the soap