Bed Sheets Which Side Up

Place the flat sheet face-down over the fitted sheet, thus the patterned or finished side is not showing. Tuck in the bottom and the sides about 3/4 of the way up the bed. Next, add the duvet, comforter or top blanket. After that, fold the top edge of the top sheet down over the blanket,
No doubt, sleeping on a neat and comfy bed at night will help us unwind from the day. In general, as long as we put sheets on bed correctly, we can enjoy sleeping on a neatly made bed every night. Strip Sheets In order to make your bed properly, you have to strip the sheets
Both the flat and fitted sheets come with top as well as bottom sheets. However, do you know the difference between flat and fitted sheets? The flat sheet, which is also called the top sheet contains no elastic on the edges, usually goes on top of the fitted sheet and comes between the sleeping person