How to Sew Nightgown

How to sew nightwear? How to sew sleepwear? 1. Select a dress pattern. It is recommended to gather the front and back bodice pieces of a very basic dress pattern. 2. Create the yoke pieces. Trace the front and back neckline and shoulders. Measure the total neckline circumference on your pattern pieces. Measure your shoulder
An old T-shirt may bring back memories of your past. Therefore, you had better not easily throw away your old T-shirt. In general, you can turn your old T-shit or a new large one to a nightie out of a T-shirt. Step 1: Soften the shirt Place a pot with heat water on the stove
Making a simple nightshirt out of a sheet that you don’t need to use not only help to save money but also gives you a chance to perform a craft. Many bed sheets, made of linen or silk, can be used to make nightshirt, for these are thin and light. What’s more, linen nightshirt is
If you want to sew a nightgown effectively, you must know the basic garment construction and sewing techniques. And, it is recommended to make your own nightgown with your measurements before investing in the nightgown industry. Step 1: Measure and cut pieces for the nightgown Measure the length of the nightgown, and add 2 inches