How to Sew Fitted Bed Sheets

1. Measure the mattress. 2. Fit the corners. Remove hems from an existing flat sheet. Place the sheet evenly on the mattress, right side of the fabric down. Pin a dart in place at each corner. 3. Sew the corner. Sew dart in place. Trim the dart to 1/2″”. Sew the raw edge in place
No doubt, sleeping on a neat and comfy bed at night will help us unwind from the day. In general, as long as we put sheets on bed correctly, we can enjoy sleeping on a neatly made bed every night. Strip Sheets In order to make your bed properly, you have to strip the sheets
If you don’t want to spend money buying queen size fitted bed sheets, you can make it by yourself. Trim a rectangle of 75 inches wide and 102 inches long from fabric. Measure and mark 11 x 11 inches on each corner, creating a square in all four corners. Cut the square from each corner,