As long as you use the right detergents to remove your ink stains on time, you can completely remove it from your cotton, leather, nylon or silk. Check out this guide to find how to successfully remove ink stains from silk. 1. Soak up the Ink Stains Place your stained article of clothing on a
1. Blot the ink stain with a cloth or paper towel. 2. Place the stained portion of the silk clothes over a paper towel or a towel. 3. Spray an alcohol-based hairspray on the stain. 4. Use a clean cloth to dab at the ink stain with gentle tapping motions. 5. Repeat the process of
What should you do if your favorite silk clothing has some ink stains? People like wearing silk clothing because it is very delicate, but on the other hand people cannot use anything to remove its stain. And, washing it with a machine is not a good choice. In fact, you should remove the ink stains
Pen ink stains can happen in the blink of an eye. For instance: a pen falls, leaving a stain across the silk dress. If this happens to us, what should we do? Is it possible to remove it? Steps If possible, take off your clothes for it will be easier to deal with clothes that

How to Remove Ink Stains from Silk

As a delicate, typically expensive fabric, silk fabric requires special care. However, stains are nearly unavoidable, and ink stains fell into 3 categories–ballpoint, water-based and permanent ink (the most difficult to remove). What should you do if stains appear on your favorite outfit? Here, you can try the following tips. If you find a stain,