How To Sew A Travel Size Pillow Case

Make yourself comfortable while on the road by carrying your own travel-size pillows. DIY sewing a pillow case for your travel pillow is easy to do. How to sew a travel size pillowcase Measure the size of the travel pillow the pillow case will go on. Most travel pillows are 12 by 16 inches. Select
Toddler pillows, easy to carry around, can be used to comfort for a toddler. However, do you know how to make a colorful toddler pillowcase? Measure the pillow, and add 1 inch to the width measurement and 4.25 inches to the length measurement. (If you don’t have a pillow, you can make a toddler pillow
Compared with standard pillows, king-size pillows are wider. Therefore, what should you do to make your king-size pillowcase fit your standard pillow? Slip the target pillow into the pillowcase. King-size pillowcases are 35 inches long, but standard pillowcases are 30 inches long. You can allow more than usual of the pillowcase to lap over the