You spend 1/3 of your life in bed. Your sheets will be enjoyed for years if you avoid these 7 common misconceptions. 1. Not removing makeup before going to bed Sleeping with your makeup on not only can damage your skin but also can stain your pillowcases. Lotions can leave oily stains. Some skin products
Do you know how to get a high quality silk comforter? If you don’t know how to choose a suitable silk comforter, don’t worry and you can find some useful tips from the following part. In old times, silk was only reserved for the people in higher position, for it was a luxury. However, do
Do you know how to care for delicate silk comforters and silk duvet covers? Silk fibers are sensitive to water, heat, agitation and detergent. You had better not use wet cleaning or dryers. If you want to remove dust and dirt from your silk comforter without damaging the fibers, you can try airing and vacuuming.
Although it is difficult to keep beddings on silk sheets, many people including someone who toss and turn at night like silk sheets because they offer a cool yet stick comfort. Fortunately, there are solutions to help keep beddings (like blankets and comforters) on silk sheets. 1. Clips and Suspenders Sheet suspenders, sheet straps, are
Mulberry Silk Inserts
Read the bedding’s care label carefully before washing your comforter. If it says dry cleaning only, you have to take your comforters to dry cleaner. What’s more, different types of comforters require different ways to clean. For silk filled comforters, you must be very careful for the delicate nature of silk fibers. How to Clean
Silk bedspreads absorb moisture to keep you cool in the summer, but it hugs your body to keep you warm during winter. However, silk is a natural and delicate fiber. To make sure it remains like new for years to come, you can try the following simple steps. Hand Washing Fill a clean bath tub

How to Wash Silk Blankets

Silk is a natural, lightweight, and insulating material made by worms and comes in a variety of types. People often choose silk blankets for their bedding. If silk gets careful care, it can be used in many years for it actually possesses strong fibers.  You shouldn’t wash silk blankets often, once a year is recommended.