Please remove silk stains as quickly as possible for stains will set in quickly on silk to dry. Grease or oil satins Rinse silk with cool water. Remove grease by applying talcum powder. Put blotting paper (or part of a brown paper sack if that’s all you have) below and above the stain. Gently iron
Wearing silk robe is very comfortable. However, do you know how to clean silk robe without damaging it. Some silk garments may only allow dry cleaning. However, some manufacturers offer cheaper hand sanitizers to clean them. In general, you can easily and quickly wash your silk robe without damaging it. Steps to Clean Silk Robe
Silk is the most delicate fabric.  Although our silk sheets is built to last long and well, it is recommend that you clean silk as little as possible, because silk will lose its special sheen if it is often or wrongly cleaned. Chemical: Petroleum ether, turpentine, spirit of wine, benzine, benzene, surgical spirit, acetone and
It is really hard to clean 100% pure silk clothing, for any washing, detergent-based soap or sunlight can permanently damage it. Here, it is recommended to wash 100% silk nightwear by hand to prevent the fabric from being damaged. Even more important, you should use neutral-based pH-level soaps to wash it to avoid staining the
Silk, one of the most luxurious fabrics ever made, feels as divine on the skin as it looks on the body. However, taking care of a silk sleepwear is much harder than standard laundry. Some useful tips are shown here to help you care for your silk nightwear. Wet the fabric is wet, and iron