Can You Wash 100% Silk

Although silk is a very delicate material, we can wash it with some care and special attention. We should check the tag to see the manufacturer’s recommended method of cleaning before washing it. If it says “Dry Clean Only,” we had better send it to a good dry cleaner. For washable silk, we had better

How to Wash Silk Pajamas

Although silk pajamas are expensive, more and more people like them, for they can make you feel cool in summer and warm in winter. However, silk pajamas need special care when cleaned. In general, you don’t need to take silk pajamas to dry cleaner. You can wash them at home as long as you follow

How to Wash & Care for Silk Pants

Manufactures like using silk to make different styles of pants, since silk not only look and feel against the skin but also can keep people cool in warm weather and warm in cold weather. However, users who own silk pants need to know how to safely clean them. Checking the Label Firstly Before washing silk

How to Care for Silk Lingerie

Have you ever tried silk lingerie? Silk lingerie not only can make you feel wonderful and comfy but also can let you feel sexy and feminine. Silk lingerie is like a second skin to you. With proper care, silk lingerie can hug your body perfectly and make you feel beautiful. Your husband or boyfriend will
Silk has long been associated with the luxuries in life, since ancient times. Many people own silk blouses, for they can wear it several times a week, paired with jeans, pants, skirts, or other separates. China began to use silk from 3630 BC. Silk was originally reserved for the Chinese emperor and the highest nobility,
100% pure silk is very delicate, and it can be easily damaged by any wash, detergent-based soap or sunlight. So, to protect your 100 percent silk, you had better wash it by your hand. It is recommended to wash it with neutral-based pH-level soaps. Steps to Clean 100% Pure Silk Clothing Place 100 percent silk
You might be hesitated to buy a beautiful silk garment which shows “Dry Clean Only”! In fact, as long as the stain is not terrible, you can successfully remove it at home instead of sending to dry cleaner. Steps to Wash Silk Clothes Pour warm water in a bucket, and add 1/3 cup of gentle
Silk shirt looks luxurious and feels soft and smooth next to your skin, thus it is an excellent addition to any wardrobe. However, if you make the mistake of drying silk shirts incorrectly, you cannot enjoy it for very long. Fortunately, you can correctly dry it by yourself as long as you take the following
Silk, a beautiful and luxurious fabric, is a great staple for any wardrobe, but can be daunting when it comes to caring for it. Now, you can take the following steps to wash your silk. Steps to Wash Silk If the silk garment supports handing wash, you should shake off any visible dirt of crumbs