Please remove silk stains as quickly as possible for stains will set in quickly on silk to dry. Grease or oil satins Rinse silk with cool water. Remove grease by applying talcum powder. Put blotting paper (or part of a brown paper sack if that’s all you have) below and above the stain. Gently iron
For many silk pajamas, dry cleaning is recommended. However, you can clean them at home with right steps. The agitation of the washer might cause problems with silk fabrics. And, hot water will damage silk. If you want to keep your silk boxers and pajamas for a long time, you had better wash them by

How To Clean Silk Ribbon

To remove stains from some delicate fabrics like silk, you must be very careful. Although ribbons are easily stained with dust, these stains can be easily removed as long as you use a correct cleaning procedure. Some useful tips are shown below. Use a non-alkaline soap (such as ivory liquid soap or baby shampoo) to
Silk, a protein fiber, is commonly used in clothing. Because of its soft and shiny texture, many people appreciate silk. However, silk is a very delicate material, thus cleaning silk clothing, like silk robes for women ,silk robes for men ,silk pajamas for women ,silk pajamas for men ,silk nightgowns for women, should be particularly

Raw Silk Wash Instructions

Cleaning raw silk which is a beautiful fabric with a unique luster can be challenging because it often shrinks. Besides, the residue from soap or other cleansers can dull the sheen of the fabric. However, compared with dry cleaning, you had better wash it by your hand. Here, you can successfully clean your silk without

Will Silk Shrink When Washed

Silk, a natural, beautiful, and delicate protein fiber, is commonly used in silk clothing. Many people like silk since its soft and shiny texture. But, it is a very delicate material. Thus, we should be careful when washing it. Otherwise, the silk will shrink. Shrinking Silk If silk is pre-washed for more than approximately five