When To Buy New Bed Sheets

When to get new bed sheets? We use bed sheets every day. Bed sheets are exposed to skin contact more regularly than some items of clothing. Sometimes, we need to buy new sheets. For instance, we should buy new sheets to replace the old; we need to buy new sheets after restyling the bedroom; we

When To Replace Bed Sheets

In general, there is no set of rules when to replace your bed sheets. As long as the bed sheets are clean, you can still able to use them. However, frequently washing will break down your sheets, even high quality bed sheets. You can replace bed sheets when they start thin, or there are holes.

How Long Should Sheets Last

A good set of sheets should wind up lasting you between 6 and 8 years. However, your sheets should last up to as many as 10 to 12 years as long as you take excellent care of them. Related Posts 5 Bedroom Cleaning Tips In Spring & Summer Hollowfibre Duvets Vs. Microfibre Duvets 6 Ways
To ensure that your bed sheets will last long, you should choose sheets that are made of long and strong fibers. 100% Egyptian cotton is almost always a good choice. If you consider high-quality, long lasting sheets, you should buy woven sheets instead of knitted sheets. Before buying, you have to read the packaging carefully