How to Soften New Bed Sheets

How to break in new sheets Rough new sheets will ruin your night’s sleep. Fortunately, we can soften stiff new sheets with common household items such as baking soda or vinegar. Here’s how to soften sheets with baking soda. Place new sheets in a washing machine. Add one cup of baking soda to the machine.
Place Egyptian cotton sheets in the washing machine. Add half the laundry detergent you would normally use for a full load to the machine. Wash the Egyptian cotton sheets in cold water on gentle cycle. Remove sheets immediately from the washing machine after washing. Place sheets in dryer on a low setting. Or, you can

Why Do Bed Sheets Get Rough

New sheets even the most luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets may feel rough because of the chemical coatings that the manufacturer adds. Although the chemicals can make the sheets feel and look crisp, too much will make them unpleasant to use.If older sheets feel rough, this can be from the fibers the sheets contain, or it