How to Organize Sleepwear

How to organize pajama set? 1. Take your first pajama set. 2. Lay the pants out and fold them in half with one leg on top of the other. 3. Fold the pants in half so that the hem meets the waist band, and set the pants to the side. 4. Grab the pajama top.
Don’t forget your silk pajamas when cleaning your closets. Bedclothes and other items are neatly stored to create an easy-to-install closets. The closet space can be maximized by folding or hanging the pajamas in an orderly fashion.  Tips for Storing Pajamas in a Closet Hang lace, smooth underwear and all other exquisite pajamas items on

How to Fold and File Silk Pajamas

Compared with crumpled silk pajamas set off from the floor, many people like choosing fresh and folded pajamas which are rolled under the pillow or drawers dresser. No doubt, you can put these P.J.s on the back of the chair or throw them on a shelf. However, it is recommended to properly fold the pajamas